Token Economics

Rora has been designed for
long-term sustainability.

Token Economics

Rora has been designed for
long-term sustainability.

Token Economics

the foundation of our ecosystem

Our tokenomics have been designed to act as a multi-faceted resource that will set the foundation for our ecosystem. Rather than doing traditional fundraising methods, we have decided that this design will be the most rewarding and sustainable option for the Rora Guardians in the long term.

The tokenomics are centered around rewarding holders with passive income, jump starting our create2earn / shill2earn economy, as well as funding marketing and developments.

Auto Staking

automated yield generation feature

Rora Guardians receive

2% reflections from each purchase
5% reflections from each sale

Formula for Buys

Daily Volume * 2% * Users Market Share

Ownership %

Formula for Sells

Daily Volume * 5% * Users Market Share

Ownership %

Rora has 1,000,000 in daily volume (60% in buys and 40% in sells). Bob the token holder has 1% of token supply. BUYS: 600,000 * 2% * 1% = $120. SELLS: 400,000 * 5% * 1% = $200. Total daily reflections = $320.

Token Tracker

track your earnings

The Rora tracker is a portfolio app that we have designed to keep track of the Rora tokens you earned via the passive income in our tokenomics.

It keeps track of:

  • Your Total Holdings
  • USD value of your Total Holdings
  • RORA tokens earned via passive income
  • USD value of the RORA tokens you earned passively

We also have plans to add other utilities to this Dashboard. Automated staking is often overlooked, but we find it to be more efficient than traditional staking methods. Traditional staking requires you to interact with the smart contract of a farming/staking dapp. Putting your tokens at risk if that protocol is ever exploited. In addition, the “Yield” generated by these platforms can be deceiving. They ask you to stake your tokens, so that it takes the tokens that you own out of circulation, then you “earn yield” by receiving more tokens.

This leads to many people selling tokens as quickly as they get them, driving prices down while also inflating the token supply. Most DeFi users have been tricked into believing that the only protocols worth investing in must be overly complicated concepts that use these practices. While selling them they believe that it will create wealth and passive income beyond their wildest dreams, which is not the case.

Sophisticated technology should be easy and effortless for the user. Time is the most important commodity. Crypto is already complicated enough, so why would we take up more of your time? We have prioritized Auto staking in our tokenomics in order to save people time and effort.

You will be able to buy your $RORA token and generate passive income without having to do anything, and the yield that you earn will not be through the means of token dilution or inflation, but by gaining a bigger slice of ownership as a reward for being a loyal $RORA holder.

Yield farming in its most simplified form.


the heart of the ecosystem

Treasury receives

1% reflections from each purchase
2% reflections from each sale

Rora has 1,000,000 in daily volume (60% in buys and 40% in sells).  BUYS: 600,000 * 1%  = $6,000. SELLS: 400,000 * 2% = $8,000. Total value of $RORA tokens being put into the treasury = $14,000.

Treasury funds will be used for:

Incentivizing the creator economy
Marketing expenses
Community investments


stabilizing price action

RORA-BNB LP receives

1% reflections from each purchase
1% reflections from each sale

Liquidity is the most important component of an ecosystem. Without liquidity, tokens are valueless. It’s what makes the token tradable! In addition, the more liquidity you have the more stable the price action of the token is.

Rora has 1,000,000 in daily volume (60% in buys and 40% in sells).  BUYS: 600,000 * 1%  = $6,000. SELLS: 400,000 * 1% = $4,000. Total value of $RORA tokens being put into the RORA-BNB Liquidity Pool = $10,000.

The $RORA token contract is coded to methodically sell some of the $RORA tokens being earned from the treasury, convert them into $BNB, then pair the $BNB with $RORA to create a $RORA-BNB LP Pairing.

Reasons we did this:

  • Provides the $RORA token with stable price action, allowing for users to be able to sell their tokens confidently.
  • Prevents the protocol from being manipulated by malicious whales.
  • Protocol takes the majority of risk when it comes to smart contract exploitation and impermanent loss.


the science lab of the ecosystem

At its core, Rora is an intellectual property, which is just a different name for a brand.

The best way to increase value of a brand:

  • Brand awareness and recognition
  • Social relevance
  • Perceived value

All funds generated into the development wallet will go towards creating larger product developments, for example:

The Guardian Network   •
Games   •
Comics / Mangas   •

•   The Guardian Network
•   Games
•   Comics / Mangas
•   Clothing Lines
•   Short Films
•   Animated series and much more…

•   Clothing Lines
•   Short Films
•   Animated series and much more…

When building a brand it is important that we experiment with as many mediums as possible, for a few reasons: Building our intellectual property, constantly creating content and utility, marketing and revenue generation.

In order for RORA to remain successful, we must always push to innovate and create marketing initiatives around those innovations. By doing this, it will increase our social imprint. As we have success, it will create opportunities for RORA to generate revenue. Creating a sustainable business model around Rora’s name and likeness.

The beauty of Rora is that our community will have Guardians from all over the world. All working together, opening doors for the project across several industries and cultures.

Price Impact Protection

preventing whale dumping

Each sale has a Price Impact Protection of 1.9%. Meaning that in the event of a token sell off, the price cannot be affected by more than 1.9% for an individual sale.

Reasons we did this:

  • Reduces whale manipulation.
  • Helps stabilize price volatility.
  • Requires multiple sales from whales that are selling off, which increases the frequency that the 10% sale tax is triggered, bringing more value to the ecosystem.
Tax Allocation