RORA is energy.

Energy manifested

into the form of a character, idea and ecosystem.

In her lore it states that she is a Cyborian Samurai from the future. She fell into a portal during her dystopian timeline and it sent her back to our time. She has stayed to prevent the same chaos & destruction from happening in our timeline.

We call her the Omni Guardian, or the Guardian of the Omnichain.

She is a Beacon of Hope for the present.

A decentralized intellectual brand that will go on to become a fabric of popular culture. Featuring a real-time story that will touch the lives of many. A creator economy that will serve as a primary social experiment and benchmark for future Web3 economies. Decentralized Finance simplified to a point where it makes people question why it was ever so complicated in the first place.

Using her magic to weave the first ever Culture token of its kind, born from her very own being. Bringing together a social club known as the Guardian Network. A society of like minded individuals putting their minds together to change the world. Tapping into her multiple forms of magic to bring life to various Web 3 applications. Fueling the Guardian Army in their battle against the Cyclaws.

How do I know this?

Because it’s written in the prophecy, or as some of us during our time call it: The Roadmap. This is Rora’s destiny. The spirit of Rora lives within everyone in this community. Rora is you. Rora is me. Even if you do not own Rora tokens, you are Rora.

To have Rora energy is to be a creator, a world builder, a difference maker. A being of infinite power, filled with unlimited potential. The Rora’s lore begins with a circumstance that many of us have personally faced before. A moment in our past that we wish we could change. Whether it be in our present consciousness or events that we had no personal involvement with. We all have those things we wish we could change.

“I wish I could go back and…” Is a term that holds the weight of a thousand regrets. If you could go back in time and change the past… Without any major consequences. In the name of creating a better future for yourself, and loved ones, would you do it? I know I would. Rora is doing exactly that.

She is the energy from your future self. Visiting you here in the present day, giving you that opportunity. Despite how mysterious or powerful she may seem, Rora is a victim of her circumstance. Similar to many of us. She has found empowerment within that and is making a change. This is our chance. Want to learn more?

Then venture forward into this series of documents,

Also known as the Roraverse Manifesto.