Rora is a Cyborgian Samurai from the year 3000.

She resided in the Northern Dynasty City known as Aurorya, where she was a guardian of the Star Neon Dojo. Every year, her town would host a festival known as the “Star Neon Festival” during the Auroryan Lights Show. A 24 hour rave that they hosted to escape the gut wrenching nightmare that was their dystopian reality.

Despite their limited resources, the Cyborgians use the Star Neon Festival to become one with the universe. Refueling their magic and chi to energize themselves for the next year. This dystopian reality was caused by none other than the Cyclaws, a nation of weak-handed parasitic robots that were programmed to inflate currency and dump their earnings on the rest of society.

They did not care about technological advancements that were being made within society, or the bigger picture of things. The only thing Cyclaws cared about was using their parasitic abilities to leech off of the society. Causing the destruction of neighboring nations, no matter what the cost

This worked for a short while, however the Cyclaws have now found themselves in a bit of a struggle… when you’ve been a parasite to a society that has nothing left to give, who do you have left to leech off of but each other? This has led to an internal struggle and has begun the rapid demise of the Cyclaws.

During the festival of the year 3000, Rora fell through a portal underneath the center of the light show. With seemingly no way back to her present, she has taken her spontaneous voyage through time as a sign from the universe that her destiny is to make an impact on the past, becoming the Guardian of the Omni Realm.

In order to prevent her present (and our future) from coming to pass. Making the most out of the resources available to her, she has begun to work with the innovative, rebellious, yet slightly degenerate minds of the 21st century.

Her mission is simple:
create a new future and to destroy the Cyclaws
before they are able to bring the world to its destruction!