Guardian Network

A one of a kind experience

Guardian Network

A one of a kind experience


what you can expect

We are not ready to fully divulge the details of the network but here is what we will share:

The Guardian Network

  • Exclusive to $RORA Guardians
  • An essential part of our ecosystem and culture
  • Plays directly into the creator economy
  • The first Web3 Browser/Social experience of its kind
  • Brings RORA’s community gamification to a new level


  • Profiles
  • Clan Wars
  • Chain Wars
  • Bounties + Missions
  • XP
  • Achievements
  • Guardian exclusive communication
  • and much more…

Business & Revenue

multiple forms of revenue creation

The multiple forms of revenue creation that the Roraverse can take are vast.

The Guardians are relentless

It may seem too good to be true, but these are the advantages that crypto has over the mundane world. If you expected mundane things, you shouldn’t have gone down the crypto rabbithole. When you buy or sell $RORA, you are buying or selling your rights to Rora’s intellectual property. For further revenue generation, we plan on commoditizing Rora’s IP.

When you buy or sell $RORA, you are buying or selling your rights to RORA’s IP. That is the power of a decentralized intellectual property.

Be like water making its way through cracks.

Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall find a way around or through it. If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves.

Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash.

Be water my friend

Be water, my friend.


in- and outside of web3

RORA is a decentralized brand that has the potential of merging all concepts of Web3 under one roof. RORA also maintains the ability to merge into the world outside of Web3.

Web3 Concepts

  • DeFi
  • Community
  • Memes
  • NFTs
  • GameFi

Outside of Web3

  • Clothing
  • Collectibles
  • Comics
  • Movies
  • Anime / Short Films

Interoperability with both the old world and the new world will be key to generating revenue and gaining mass adoption. We do not believe in limiting ourselves to the confines of a singular industry. The world is constantly evolving. Maintaining flexibility and being able to explore all of our options is essential. We will explore all options when driving value back to the Guardian community.